Canada 150

Our Canada 150 board addressing the continuing elements that this colony is founded on. This university is named after a queen who represents the very essence of imperial colonization, the expansion of empire, and the European ideology of racial superiority. Although many settlers do not recognize white supremacy as it generally conjures an imagery of the American deep south, or cowardly white men in sheets. White supremacy is often though of as historical, as is colonization, when in fact both are ongoing. White supremacy is embedded into the laws, the constitution, and the culture of Canada. It is so covert that it is difficult to recognize. However, we can see it directly in how people responded to this poster. It can be seen in how settlers react to indigenous calls to action, missing and murdered indigenous women, and the failure of Canada to treat indigneous people’s with the same human rights that they claim to hold so dearly. White supremacy is so entrenched that the suggestion that changing a street name, building name, or removing a statue of some historical colonizer, that represents the violence, the genocide, the racism of colonization is met with immediate opposition from settlers who claim it has significance. White supremacy is the inability for those opposed to real indigenous reconcilation to see that the historical significance they speak of is the erasure of indigeneity. canada_150