Challenge White Supremacy Wall 2017

We built a wall in March 2017 to challenge white supremacy on campus. When we discuss white supremacy we are not referencing the often thought of overt stereo-type of cowardly white men in sheets, rather we are talking about the covert and pervasive foundations embedded into our society that manifest in a myriad of ways. Our project, part of our art of resistance, was met with many beareucratic obstacles and was initially intended to be up for Black History month and Indigenous Resurgence. The wall was an interactive piece intended to be written on by students. The UVic administration and University of Victoria Student’s Society however, forced the takedown of the wall after only 3 days. The takedown was against our wishes and the notice of this action was sent to us via email at 16:00 on a Friday, when it was impossible to respond. Our collective was not surprised by the actions of the university or the President Jamie Cassels’. The president, who had never set foot in our space, never emailed us, and never once reached out to us, made this decision for us, without consultation. President Jamie Cassels upheld the very white supremacy that we inteded to address.