The Gender Empowerment Centre offers free workshops on gender diversity and sexuality for University of Victoria students, staff, faculty, as well as for the greater Victoria community.

Our Gender Diversity workshops provide participants with:

  1. A robust understanding of the differences between gender identity, gender expression, assigned sex, and attraction.
  2. A critical approach to understanding societal constructions of gender, as well as alternate ways of understanding gender.
  3. Tips for understanding and navigating pronoun usage, and other gender-friendly ways of relating to peers, students, co-workers, family, and others.

Our Sex Positivity workshops provide participants with:

  1. An understanding of central concepts surrounding sex positivity.
  2. A critical understanding of sex negativity and tips for combating sex negative culture.
  3. Concrete strategies for having sex positive conversations.
  4. Increased comfort in having sex positive conversations.
  5. A strong connection to resources in Victoria and online to continue supporting their learning journey.

To book a workshop, email us at

We are also in the process of developing a workshop on sexual health. Check back for updates or email us for more information!