Need support? We’ve included a wide variety of on-campus, virtual, and local community resources that provide various supports, as well as online resources. Do you have questions or another resource to recommend? Email us!

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On Campus Resources

Check out the student-led and university-run resources available on campus.

Sexual Health Resources

Find local sexual health services and educational resources.

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Mental Health Resources

Your mental health is important. There are on- and off-campus, and virtual resources available to you.

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2SLGBTQ+ Support

Access support, community, advocacy services, and educational resources.

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Sexualized Violence Resources

Support is available for those who have experienced or been impacted by sexualized violence. You are not alone.

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Resources for Women

Find women-run organizations dedicated to empowering and supporting women in the Victoria area.

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Resources for Youth

Find services designed to support youth and young adults under 30.

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Harm Reduction

Find resources built to empower and reduce the risk of harm in our communities.

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Advocacy Resources

Our voices are stronger when we come together. Check out advocacy-based services in your local community.

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Crisis Support

If you’re in crisis, don’t hesitate, reach out now. Access phone lines, virtual services, and physical spaces.