There are plenty of ways to get involved with GEM! If you are passionate about gender empowerment and want to help us foster our community, check out the ways you can get involved below:

Join Our Collective

Our collective includes all students registered at the University of Victoria who self-identify as women, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming. We are an inclusive, feminist group committed to supporting one-another, providing quality services, and promoting gender empowerment on our campus and beyond. We meet on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to the collective and make decisions that promote our mission and vision.

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Volunteer with Us!

The GEM relies on our volunteers to help support our operations, plan events, and take on exciting initiatives that further our mission. If you’re passionate about something relating to gender empowerment, are looking for new experiences, or just want to help out, contact us and we can help figure out a volunteer position for you! Email our Coordinator to ask about volunteering.

Work for the GEM

We are not currently hiring for any positions. Please check back at a later point for possible job openings!

Join Our Mailing List

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