menstrual cup with blue bag
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We provide free resources to folks on campus, including:

  • menstrual supplies (pads, tampons, menstrual cups*)
  • condoms (internal condoms, external condoms including non-lubricated, latex/lubricated, latex-free/lubricated)
  • other safer sex supplies (dental dams, lubricant, gloves)
  • pregnancy tests *
  • emergency contraceptive pill *

*in order to access our pregnancy tests, menstrual cups, and our emergency contraceptive pill program, ask our coordinator in the office (SUB B107b). If the coordinator is not in, you can ask UVSS General Office staff during office hours. Or send us an email!


We can connect you with information on various community supports on and off-campus, ranging from pregnancy support, abortion services, mental health resources, sexual health supports, LGBTQ2S+ services, and more. To access this information, you can browse our community resources page, check out the resources in our library, ask our coordinator, or send us an email at