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We provide free resources to folks on campus, including:

  • menstrual supplies (pads, tampons, menstrual cups*)
  • condoms (internal condoms, external condoms including non-lubricated, latex/lubricated, latex-free/lubricated)
  • other safer sex supplies (dental dams, lubricant, gloves)
  • pregnancy tests *
  • emergency contraceptive pill **

*in order to access our pregnancy tests, menstrual cups, and our emergency contraceptive pill program, ask our coordinator in the office (SUB B107b). If the coordinator is not in, you can ask UVSS General Office staff during office hours. Or send us an email!

**Our emergency contraceptive (“Plan B”) program has recently changed. Please note the following steps on how to obtain this medication:

Come into the GEM space and ask a team member for Plan B. They will provide you with a waiver form to read and sign.

This waiver is to release the GEM and the UVSS from any legal or financial responsibility in the case of an adverse reaction from the medication.

Following this process, we will give you a voucher for emergency contraceptive, redeemable at the Campus Pharmacy in the SUB. The pharmacist will give you an overview of the medication and will answer any questions you have.

For those who want to read the waiver in advance, it is available here:


  • We understand that disclosing your legal name on a document, or providing a piece of identification containing your legal name and/ or assigned gender marker, can feel invasive and uncomfortable – and we are very regretful about having to collect this information. 
  • We promise that this information is collected for legal use only. Your waiver will be filed upon completion and will not be reviewed by anyone else unless you attempt to pursue legal action against us. 


The government of British Columbia has made contraceptives free as of August 3, 2023, for any B.C resident. The coverage is under PharmaCare policy. To get free contraceptives, you need to be enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). To learn more, visit the official B.C government page here:

Students without provincial healthcare coverage can get partial coverage through the UVSS student health plan. Learn more here:,%2C%20insulin%2C%20and%20diabetic%20supplies.

Do you have more questions about contraceptives?

Learn more about contraceptives and get in touch with health staff here:

Foundry is a province wide initiative supported by the government of B.C. Foundry will support young people ages 12-24 and their families with easy access to care.

Island Sexual Health is a community health care centre that offers pro-choice and comprehensive sexual health clinics, education programs and products for people of all genders, orientations, abilities, and ages in Greater Victoria, BC.


We can connect you with information on various community supports on and off-campus, ranging from pregnancy support, abortion services, mental health resources, sexual health supports, LGBTQ2S+ services, and more. To access this information, you can browse our community resources page, check out the resources in our library, ask our coordinator, or send us an email at